Paul Kantner

Paul Lorin Kantner ( born March 17, 1941 in San Francisco, California ) is an American rock musician (guitar, vocals) and co-founder of the rock band Jefferson Airplane.


Paul Kantner was the first, Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane in 1965 invited to the project. Kantner wrote several songs for the band, which often revolved around themes from science fiction: the text of the song Crown of Creation from the eponymous album from 1968, for example, consists of only quotations from the published 1955 science fiction novel Who's the earth? by Johny Wyndham. With David Crosby and Stephen Stills, he wrote the piece Wooden Ships, the Volunteers appeared on the Airplane album. Kant former solo album Blows Against the Empire by 1970 - with contributions by Grace Slick, David Crosby, Jerry Garcia and Graham Nash - is the fact that around 1990, around seven thousand hippies hijack a house built by the government spaceship in order to emigrate into space. It was nominated for the Hugo science fiction award.

Airplane singer Grace Slick and Paul Kantner were a couple who musically came to pass on their own paths. They took the albums Sunfighter (1971) and Baron Von Tollbooth And The Chrome Nun ( 1973) on before 1974 Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship in final renamed - the name Kantner had already in 1970 used for Blows Against The Empire.

1980 Kantner suffered a brain haemorrhage. In 1983 he released his solo album, The Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra. 1984 Kantner left Jefferson Starship, reaching the courts way that the band had to change their name and henceforth called Starship. With Marty Balin and Jack Casady he formed in 1985, KBC band that recorded an album.

1989 there was a brief reunion of Jefferson Airplane. After Kantner Jefferson Starship revived - this latest incarnation of the band is commonly known as Jefferson Starship - The Next Generation called.


  • Jeff Tamarkin: Got A Revolution! The Turbulent Flight Of Jefferson Airplane


Paul Kantner has appeared on all albums by Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.

Paul Kantner solo ( and with partners ):

  • Blows Against the Empire ( with Paul Kantner Jefferson Starship ) ( 1970)
  • Sunfighter ( with Grace Slick ) ( 1971)
  • Baron Von Tollbooth And The Chrome Nun ( with Grace Slick and David Freiberg ) ( 1973)
  • The Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra ( with Grace Slick, Jack Casady, Aynsley Dunbar, David Freiberg and others) (1983 )
  • KBC band ( with Marty Balin and Jack Casady ) ( 1987)
  • A Guide Through The Chaos - A Road To The Passion ( Paul Kantner tells the story of his bands ) ( 1996)