Paul Reclus

Paul Reclus ( born March 7, 1847 in Orthez, † July 29, 1914 in Paris) was a French surgeon.

Reclus attended the Protestant school in Sainte -Foy- la -Grande and studied medicine in Paris in 1867, where he received his doctorate in 1876. From 1879 he was a surgeon at a Paris hospital, received 1880 Agrégation and in 1895 professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. He was a member of the Académie de Doctor.

Reclus was a surgeon, a pioneer in the use of cocaine as an anesthetic. He also led the clinical trials for the first viable synthetic substitutes for cocaine as a local anesthetic by, developed for the 1903 by Ernest Fourneau stovain.

He is the brother of Armand Reclus Geographers (1843-1927), explorer of the Panama Canal Zone, the anarchist and geographer Élisée Reclus, geographer Onésime Reclus (1837-1916), inventor of the concept of Francophonie, and the anthropologists, journalists, and anarchists Élie Reclus ( 1827-1904 ). He is not to be confused with the anarchist Paul Reclus (1858-1914), his nephew, the son of Élie.


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