Paul Ruto

Paul Ruto ( born November 3, 1960) is a former Kenyan middle distance runner, who specializes in the 800 -meter run.

Relatively late, he made ​​his debut in athletics. His first recorded 800 m time of 1:51,9 min dates from 1985, and at age 30 was his best time 1:47,0 min. 1991 Paul Ruto improved to 1:44,92 min, 1992 to 1:44,33 min, and on 5 September 1993, he ran in Rieti his personal best time of 1:43,92 min.

Most of his international career, he served as a pacemaker for other runners. His only start at major championships Paul Ruto graduated in 1993. He finished second at the African Championships in Durban in 1:45,99 minutes behind his compatriot Samuel Kibet Langat. One and a half months later at the World Championships in Stuttgart every three Kenyans themselves qualified for the finals, alongside Ruto, these were the defending champions of the 1991 Billy Konchellah and the 1992 Olympic champion William Tanui. Paul Ruto was what he had always shown as a hare, namely a fast pace away from the tip. He went immediately after the start and was in the lead after 600 meters to several meters in front, while the big favorite Billy Konchellah was in last place. Although Konchellah on the last 200 meters for one second did well on Ruto, it was only the third place, while Ruto in 1:44,71 minutes before the Italian Giuseppe D' Urso saved to the finish and became world champion.

Paul Ruto is one of the ethnicity of Nandi at, is 1,84 m tall and weighed about 68 kg competition times.