Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley ( born January 20, 1952 in Bronx, New York, actually Stanley Harvey iron) is an American guitarist, singer and music producer. He is the rhythm guitarist, vocalist and founding member of the rock band Kiss. He is also co-owner of the Arena Football Teams "LA Kiss, " which will start 2014 in his first season.

Childhood and family

Stanley's mother is a native of Berlin. He attended the High School "Music & Art" and earned the money for guitar lessons by driving a cab in New York. He would have liked to become an anthropologist, but the desire to make music was greater. Due to a malformation of the ear Stanley is deaf since birth in his right ear, he can hear in that ear only via bone conduction.

Stanley was married to Pamela Bowen 1992 to 2001 and the couple have a son, Evan Shane (* June 6, 1994 ). On 19 November 2005 married Paul Stanley his partner, attorney Erin Sutton, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, California. On 6 September 2006 their son, Colin Michael and on January 28, 2009 daughter Sarah Brianna was born. In February 2011, gave Stanley and his wife announced that they are expecting again offspring. The child, Emily Grace, was born on 9 August 2011 the world.

Musical Career

In the early 1970s, founded Stanley along with Eugene Klein, who later called himself Gene Simmons, the rock band Wicked Lester. With this band he recorded an album that never came to be published.

After Stanley and Simmons with their vision of a glamorous rock and roll band could not prevail, they disbanded Wicked Lester, looking for collaborators for a band that should set standards in terms of theatrics in the rock business. They picked the drummer George Criscuola (later Peter Criss ) on board and began calling themselves Kiss. After some time they wrote from the point of a lead guitarist, and so was Paul Daniel Frehley ( Ace Frehley later ) the way into the band. In February 1974 Kiss released their first album on the market.

In 1978, his first solo album " Paul Stanley " which he also produced. A year later, he worked for the first time outside of Kiss as a producer and was responsible for the debut album of New England.

Like Gene Simmons Paul Stanley tried for a variety of projects alongside Kiss and so made ​​his debut on the stage as " Phantom of the Opera ", but he played the role only in Toronto.

Particularly noteworthy is that Paul with Gene the only member of the band Kiss is that is uninterrupted since the founding of the band.

In October 2006, his second solo album, " Live to Win " was released. The title song of this album was used in the South Park episode "Make love not Warcraft".

In April 2008, the duet was "I will be with you" by Paul Stanley and Sarah Brightman from Brightman's new album " Symphony " was published.

In October 2008 his solo DVD " One Live Kiss" came on the market; a live concert with his own band, recorded on 6 November 2006 at the House Of Blues in Chicago. They played songs from his solo albums as well as old Kiss songs.

Stanley, who now has problems with his voice, underwent in October 2011 of a vocal cord surgery.