Paul Young (Sad Café and Mike The Mechanics singer)

Paul Young ( born June 17, 1947 in Benchill in Manchester, England; † July 15, 2000 in Wythenshawe, Manchester ) was a British singer. He is not to be confused with the soul singer and namesake Paul Young.

Already in the 1960s, he has recorded a small career in the German club scene. After that, he was a founding member of the band Sad Café, whose greatest hits Run Home Girl ( top ten of the U.S. charts ) and Everyday Hurts (3rd place, UK charts ) were. After the split of the band in 1979 it was closed by Paul Young, until he again celebrated as a singer by Mike & the Mechanics from 1985 with great success. There he sang, among other hits like All I Need Is A Miracle or word of mouth.

In the 1980s he published with Sad Cafe nor the albums Politics of Existing (1985 ) and Whatever It Takes (1989).

Young died suddenly on 15 July 2000 at his home in Manchester of a heart attack.