Pauline Hanson

Pauline Lee Hanson ( born May 27, 1954 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) until 2004, was a politician, the populist right-wing and racist One Nation party co-founded in 1997 and thus the decades of White Australia Policy was revived, with the Racial Discrimination Act 1973 had been completed in Australia. Hanson had with their first choice candidate with the One Nation party a great success, as she and her party won nearly a quarter of the vote in Queensland. Then she ran unsuccessfully four times, after which she retired from politics in 2004.

On March 26, 2011, she was defeated again at a candidacy for a seat in parliament in a group of independents in New South Wales.

Early life

Pauline Hanson was raised in Woolloongabba, a suburb of Brisbane. My grandfather emigrated in 1908 from Britain to Australia and her father ran a fish and chip kiosk. Hanson left at the age of 15 years, the school and participated in a wide variety of office and service jobs for which no special training was required. She earned property they rented, and thus became financially independent. In her early political career, she was proud that she had a fish and chips kiosk in Ipswich near Brisbane. She married twice and has four daughters, two of whom are from his first marriage.

In 2007 she made her autobiography Untamed and Unashamed with the title ( German: Untamed and shamelessly ) out. The Bulletin Magazine reported in an issue of June 2006 that Pauline Hanson has been included in the Ever list of the 100 most influential Australians, in which it is a listed of 11 women.

Political career

In Ipswich, she was elected to the city council as an independent candidate from 2004 and 1996 she had been erected for the Liberal party and elected to the Australian Parliament. Already in the campaign, she had called the restriction of the rights of Aboriginal and welfare and in their parliamentary speeches they took radical positions against asia -born immigrants, which led to a break with the Liberals.

In 1997 she founded her party, the One Nation Party and won 22.7 % of the votes in the election of 1998 in Queensland and 11 of 89 seats. Although their theories quite found favor in the population in Queensland, lost the One Nation Party in 2001 votes in the re-election and the party received in accordance with the Australian suffrage at 8.9 % 3 seats.

In the elections in Western Australia, the One Nation Party won 3 seats, while it did not succeed in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to win the following year a deputy seat. At the national election in 2001, she was not unsuccessful, and it did not succeed also a seat in the Senate from Queensland to win, as well as in 2001 in Western Australia. At the 2003 National election the party came to a mere 2 % of the vote, then they gave the party chairmanship on.

From a court she was convicted in 2003 for election fraud allegedly due to lack of signatures for the election registration, but the sentence was revised shortly thereafter on appeal, because she had this quite moved within the law. However, they had to pay AUD 502,000 penalty, which she requested " tearfully " through donations on television, however, came merely as 100,000 in donations.

After another unsuccessful election run in 2004 she retired for now back from the policy. On 15 August 2007, announced that it had established an anti- Islamic party called Pauline's United Australia Party.

Pauline Hanson turned in a newspaper interview decidedly against the major parties in Australia, that they do not tell the truth that sets up the policy of the Australian Labor Party against the interests of small business owners and farmers, that the conservative government of John Howard Australia by the immigration of Muslims and Africans sold houses without consulting the public. She warned in particular against the choice of the Labor Party, because teach their policies against the interests of the coal miners and their families, because Kevin Rudd was pursuing a trade union ecology policy towards coal and he was not in a position to the problem of water shortage in Australia to solve. The main program point of the Hanson party was an immigration ban for Muslims. In the election of 2007 in Queensland Hanson was denied a success.

2009, the One Nation Party Queensland was disbanded after the members stand had fallen below 500.

On 15 February 2010 Hanson announced that they log the Pauline United Australia Party, sell her property in Queensland and will go to the UK. The announcement of the departure of Hanson was warmly welcomed by Nick Griffin, leader of the populist right-wing British National Party.

On 23 July 2010 Hanson expressed interest in a return to Australian politics with an election candidate in the Liberal Party of Australia, if she would ask the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott at the National 2010 Election thereafter. In this offer they received no answer, and on March 26, 2011, she crystallized the election in New South Wales in a group of 16 other independents and on the official website of the One Nation Party is welcomed their choice with She's back. She also had no success with their 2011 bid.

Political action

Pauline Hanson is accused of populism and xenophobia and that behind her the strategist David Oldfield and David Ettridge were who were also founding members of the One Nation Party and "the two Davids " were mentioned. The One Nation Party, by presenting herself as the party of national unity was a drastic reduction in immigration, argued against the criticism of her before division of welfare recipients and the Aborigines by the rulers, was against multiculturalism and lashed out at the ruling policy as " browning of Australia " and taught populist appeals to the common people. She was against globalization, for tariff protection for Australian industries, for the privatization of state-owned enterprises and the promotion of small and medium sized businesses and agriculture.

Next Hanson is accused of xenophobia and Socialize on to fears, for example, they accuse the Africans that they would bring AIDS to Australia and gave an interview in 2011 regarding an immigration of Muslims following statement: " to assimilate or stay away either ."

Pauline Hanson first came into the public eye when she in the national elections of 1996 by the Liberal Party of Australia for their remarks against Aborigines and welfare was no longer been erected. As she remarked in a similar manner following their election success in Parliament for this purpose, the media became aware of them. Then came a long lasting Australian discussion on the limitation of immigration, forced labor input for welfare and expansion of police powers that changed the policy: After three years of parliamentary work of her and the One Nation Party, the political climate was changing, immigration was restricted, the social assistance truncated, repressive measures against juveniles have been made possible and basic democratic rights are restricted.


Linda Tenenbaum noted, was in the time Hanson successful, there were in Europe and the United States, similar populist right-wing and right-wing tendencies and it emerged populist and right-wing parties, the and with the development of distrust and alienation of large segments of the population with the official political system the ruling parties was connected, this included lack of solutions for mass unemployment, social constraints and poverty. However, could these movements, as well as the One Nation Party develop Hanson, not a social program for the wage-earning population. After the press corrected initially interested about these movements, this interest turned into concern, the ruling parties adjusted their programmatic to the right-wing populist positions and in the press made ​​increasingly critical coverage.

One of her answers in an interview has become legendary in Australia when she was asked if they " xenophobic " ( German: " xenophobic " ) was and she answered then: "Please explain" ( German: "Please explain ").