Paulo Flores

Paulo Flores ( born July 2, 1972 in Luanda, Angola) is an Angolan singer.

Flores left his native city of Luanda as an infant and spent his childhood in Lisbon. He began as Kizomba singer and released his first album in 1988. His songs are mostly written in Portuguese, but also partly in Kimbundu. His subjects are often politically and deal with the hardships of Angolan everyday life such as war and corruption. His heimatlicher musical style is known as Semba. Significant pieces of his music can be heard in the French film La Grande Ourse. In April 2007, he performed at the First Triennial of Luanda, an exhibition of contemporary art. On July 4, 2008 Paulo Flores put in front of 25,000 spectators in the ' Estádio dos Coqueiros ' (Stadium of Coqueiros ) one of the biggest concerts in the history of Angola.


  • Kapuete, 1988
  • Sassasa, 1990
  • Coração Farrapo e Cherry, 1991
  • Brincadeira Tem Hora, 1993
  • Inocenti, 1995
  • Perto do Fim, 1998
  • Recompasso, 2001
  • Xe Povo, 2003
  • Viagem, 2009
  • Sembas, 2009
  • Ilhas, 2009
  • Excombatentes Redux, 2012