Pavement Classification Number

The Pavement Classification Number, PCN ( Dt. sustainability classification number ) describes the carrying capacity of apron areas.

For the efficient operation of aircraft movement areas, knowledge of the carrying capacity of apron areas is crucial. If the surface is too high load, its structure is destroyed at an early stage, which results in a costly renovation or renewal after themselves. By the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO therefore 1981, the ACN - PCN system, or the ACN PCN method for comparison of loading from flight operations with capacity of all aircraft movement areas became binding. The PCN represents a dimensionless comparable figure for the ultimate strength of the overall structure of the aircraft movement areas dar. Compared with the ACN of the aircraft can be determined whether the aircraft is fit for the runway.


The PCN is not alone indicated. It is supplemented with essential, classified criteria that determine the load effect of aircraft on runways.

Sample specification: 075 R B W T



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