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Pazaryeri ( in Byzantine times Armenokastron, later Ermeni Derbendi ) is a town and a district of the Turkish province of Bilecik. The town lies about 20 kilometers south of the provincial capital Bilecik.

The district is located in the west of the province. It is bordered on the north by the central district, to the south Bozüyük and the west by the province of Bursa. To the west rises the river Sorgun Deresi which opens at Bilecik in Sakarya. At the village Günyurdu six kilometers north- west of the county town, he is dammed to Günyurdu Baraji. Another four kilometers to the northwest, near the village of Büyükelmalı is another dam, the Büyükelmalı Göleti. In the southwest of the district also is the lake of the same name Bozcaarmut Göleti village

In 1231, a battle between the troops of Seldschukensultans Ala ad-Din Kai Kobad I. and those of the Byzantine Empire was in Pazaryeri, then Ermeniderbendi, instead, could one distinguish the Seljuks, with the support of Ertuğrul Gazi for themselves.