The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS ) is a non-commercial television broadcasting network ( Network) in the United States. PBS was founded on November 3, 1969 as the successor to the National Education Television ( NET), which set its mode to transmission start PBS on October 5, 1970. Owner of the PBS are the 348 non-commercial local radio station, which usually have compared to commercial providers through greater freedom in designing the program. It will be shown including "Barney & Friends ", " Dragon Tales ", " Caillou ", " Sesame Street," German Wave News, "BBC World News ," " Charlie Rose" and "Economics U $ A". Especially popular is the documentary series POV (Point of View).

The counterpart to the PBS on the radio is the National Public Radio (NPR ).

PBS and NPR are considered as the American counterpart to the public broadcasters in Europe. However, PBS is funded mainly by donations, which also government grants, if be, granted under strong criticism. The federal funding PBS receives, through the establishment by Congress of the United States Foundation Corporation for Public Broadcasting ( CPB), the distributed 2012, about $ 445 million to various institutions.

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney made ​​the funding of PBS in the first, organized by PBS televised debate with incumbent Barack Obama in October 2012 on a subject of national attention. He reiterated there 's already made ​​a previous occasion announcement of wanting to emphasize the government grants for CPB.