The PC- FX is a gaming console from the Japanese manufacturer NEC. In contrast to its predecessor, the 32- bit PC Engine console uses standard CD -ROMs as a data carrier and is similar in appearance to a PC, the time that is being upended. The gamepad is similar to the Sega Mega Drive, but has more keys. Furthermore, the system has three ports for hardware enhancements that increased the basic price, but were hardly used.


The PC- FX was one designed with NEC's 32 -bit development kit Iron. Iron Man was developed in 1992, when the PC Engine console even greater popularity had enjoyed. When they first introduced the technology in mid-1992, NEC announced an upcoming release of a new console based on Iron Man, which should be supported by many third-party developers. However, many PC-Engine developers were the skeptical, since the PC Engine market was to continue growing. As a result, NEC stopped working on Iron Man and focused on enhancements for the PC Engine. Appeared in 1993, the 32 -bit platform 3DO. The developer interest was high, so Sega and Sony, the 32- bit consoles Sega Saturn and PlayStation for 1994 announced. Also, Bandai was working on a 32 -bit system called Playdia. At this time recognized the NEC Corporation that also they have a 32 -bit platform had to take on the Japanese market in 1994. While Sony, Sega and Bandai had developed their systems based on modern technology and equipped with good 3D rendering capability, NEC now saw himself forced to use the now-deprecated Iron Man technology in the new PC -FX console to no time and that is important for the success of the PC Engine developer base to lose. Thus, the PC -FX was a competition in terms of performance hopelessly inferior and doomed system.

Given the weak sales of the PC -FX NEC was significantly more liberal than the competition with respect to the allowed game content to take advantage of any developer support. As a result, the PC -FX was soon known primarily for eroge and other games for adults. Much of the software titles accounted for Ren'ai games ( Ren'ai simulations Ren'ai Adventure ).