PC Zone

The PC Zone was a British computer game magazine.


The first published in April 1993 PC Zone was the first exclusively specializing in PC games print magazine in the UK and was published by Dennis Publishing. Over the years, it was mainly in competition with PC gamers from the publisher Future plc, last but always remained under the sales of its competitor. In 2004, Future of Publishing Dennis the PC Zone together with the Computer and Videogames for 2.5 million British pounds. By 2010 Future continued with her magazine, but the setting was announced in July 2010. The last magazine was published on 2 September 2010.

Among the authors of the magazine counted over the years, among others, the later computer game writer Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of the fantasy author Terry Pratchett.


  • January-June 2004: approximately 41,000 units / month
  • January-June 2005: 40,480 copies / month
  • January-June 2007: 24,385 copies / month
  • July-December 2007: 22,297 copies / month
  • January to December 2008: 19,023 copies / month
  • January to December 2009: 11,357 copies / month