P $ C ( Pimp Squad Click an abbreviation for ) is a rap group from Atlanta, consisting of AK, C -Rod, Big Kuntry King, Young Dro, Mac Boney and bandleader TI.


The group had their first joint appearances when they toured together through the southern United States. Their first official recording finally appeared on TI's 2001 album I'm Serious with the song Heavy Chevys. Four years later, was her piece I'm A King that also has Lil ' Scrappy was heard, place in the U.S. Billboard charts. It was released both on the soundtrack of Hustle & Flow, as well as P $ C a bit later published debut album 25 To Life. Followed in 2007 by a mixtape, From A Classic To A Classic, and 2008, the solo debut by this member Big Kuntry King.



  • 2005: 25 To Life


  • 2005: I'm A King