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The PCC -Stadion is a German football stadium and is located in the district of Duisburg Homberg. It was completed in 2003. Was named the stadium after Petro Carbo Chem, the main sponsor of VfB Homberg. In addition to the NRW -division club VfB Homberg also the women's Bundesliga club MSV Duisburg plays in the PCC - Stadium.

The PCC -Stadion is a pure football stadium and has a capacity of 3,000 seats. In the main stand 800 covered seats and standing places are in the form of seven concrete steps. Below the grandstand are the changing rooms and clubhouse of VfB Homberg. On the outside of the grandstand, the logo of VfB Homberg is painted. In the entrance area there is a panel on which the logo of the FCR Duisburg and the success of the association are posted. The other side consists of grass walls and two concrete steps. The display panel is also located on the opposite side. Behind the gates are pure grass walls.