PD stands for:

  • Parliamentary Services, Office of the Swiss Federal Assembly
  • Tympanic drainage, surgery at the eardrum
  • Peritoneal dialysis, see dialysis, a blood purification procedure
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Dual phase writer, an optical storage medium
  • Police service Customer
  • Police headquarters
  • Police Superintendent, see Official designations of the German police
  • Polydipsia
  • Polyphony Digital, a Japanese game developer
  • Chemin de fer Porrentruy - Delle, a former Swiss railway company
  • Mail steamer
  • Potsdam date, a geodetic datum, which is used mainly in Germany
  • Press
  • Lecturer, a high school teacher with academic teaching license
  • Probability of Default, see failure probability
  • Public domain, see Public domain, a work that no longer is subject to copyright
  • Pump-nozzle system, a fuel injection method for diesel engines of the automobile manufacturer Volkswagen
  • Pupillary distance, see eye distance, the distance between the two center points of the pupils
  • Is a party; known bearers of the name: Partito Democratico, a center-left party in Italy
  • Popolari Democratici, a (rather left ) party in Italy
  • Partido Democrático, a Portuguese party
  • Partia Demokratyczna, a former liberal party in Poland
  • Partidul Democrat, a party in Romania
  • Partai Democrat, a Democratic Party in Indonesia
  • Partido Democrático ( East Timor), a party in East Timor

PD as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Preston
  • Italy: Padova ( German: Padua )
  • Norway: Arendal in the province of Aust-Agder
  • Slovakia: Okres Prievidza

Pd stands for:

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  • Abbreviation