PDB is an abbreviation for:

  • Party of the German- Belgian, officially disbanded on 14 November 2009 during an academic session in Eupen, see ProDG
  • Pee Dee Belemnite, common standard for the measurement of the isotopic investigation
  • Per Domain Behavior ( computer science, DiffServ )
  • President's Daily Brief, contains the most current information, the American intelligence services and is presented to the U.S. president daily
  • Problem database, database for chess compositions
  • Professional Disc for broadcast, further development of the Blu- ray Disc for professional broadcast use
  • Protein Data Bank database of 3D structure information of proteins and nucleic acids
  • Python debugger tool to debug Python programs

. Since database DB is abbreviated to many applications, which resulted inter alia in the file name extension pdb result:

  • Palm Database, file format for E -Books, see Palm OS
  • Product database
  • Program database
  • Protein Data Bank
  • Process database
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation