PDC Order of Merit

The PDC Order of Merit determines the official table of the participating players in the Darts Organisation Professional Darts Corporation. Since the year 2007 will not be considered in their only tournament victory, but the collected prize money in the played PDC tournaments in the last two years.

Order of Merit as a qualification requirement for Tournaments

The top 32 players of the PDC in December are automatically set at the World Professional Darts Championship, which take place at Alexandra Palace in London. The best 4 players determined to take the Order of Merit prequalified part in the Premier League. The top 16 are qualified in early July for both the first round of the World Matchplay, as well as for the first round of the European Championship. The end of September 16 of the Order of Merit also set for the first round of the World Grand Prix the top.

Considered Tournaments

  • England PDC UK Open
  • England World Matchplay
  • Ireland World Grand Prix
  • England World Championship
  • England Players Championship Finals
  • Germany German Darts Championship

Unhandled Tournaments


  • As of January 2, 2014

Michael van Gerwen was on 1 January 2014 take over by his victory in the PDC World Darts Championship 2014, the first position of Phil Taylor, who had led the list of previously over five consecutive years.