PDF / E is a special Portable Document Format (PDF) for Engineering ( dt, Engineering '), which has, among other things, the ability of an interactive 3D display. A typical application of PDF / E is about a construction drawing directly to a classic printed on paper, but also can be viewed interactively on the computer; so, for example, turned items, pulled apart, or on and be hidden. PDF / E is standardized by the standard ISO 24517.


Since Adobe Acrobat version 7.0 PDF has the technical extensions to display interactive 3D graphics. To this end, Acrobat has been extended so that it can convert certain source formats accordingly, such as AutoCad or Microsoft Visio. Mid-2010 sold Adobe but his conversion technology for PDF / E Tetra4D that since providing the appropriate plugin for the current version of Acrobat X ( = 10.0 ). The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is also the future can view PDF / E without restrictions interactive.

Regardless, there are for some time and conversion solutions in PDF / E on open-source basis.

Norms and Standards

  • ISO 24517-1:2008