Pechora River

River system in the Pechora

The Pechora in Naryan -Mar

The Pechora (Russian Печора, komi Печӧра, Nenets Санэро ˮ яха ) is a 1809 km long, flowing to the Arctic Ocean in the northern current, the European part of Russia.


The river rises in the Northern Urals, near the border between the Komi Republic and the Autonomous District of the Khanty-Mansi / Ugra, initially flows westward, turns then to the north, reached the city of Pechora and occurs about there in the still slightly hilly northern Russian lowland one. A little further north takes the Pechora at Ust- Uzza, the waters of the north-east direction from coming on Uzzah. Then she bends to the west and reached Ust- Zilma. Henceforth, the Pechora turns once again to the north and flows through Naryan -Mar, the capital located at the beginning or in the south to its river deltas of the Autonomous Okrug of the Nenets. Ultimately, their water flows into the Barents Sea.

The cities Troitsko - Petschorsk, Wuktyl and Pechora are located along the river. The Pechora is navigable, but it is most of the year, provided with a sheet of ice.

The 322,000 km ² catchment area of ​​the Pechora is bounded on the east by the Polar Urals and the south followed by the Northern Urals. In the south and west of the Timanrücken forms the watershed of the river systems of Northern Dvina and mesas. The transition region between the Urals and Timanrücken separates the basins of the Pechora and Volga. In the Pechora lowland to Vorkuta is a large coal mining area with estimated reserves of up to 350 billion tons of coal.