Peder Lunde

Peder Lunde ( born May 25, 1918 † 26 December 2009) was a Norwegian sailor who in 1952 won an Olympic silver medal.

The son of the Olympic champion Eugen Lunde grew up on the island Ormøya on near Oslo and learned early sailing. In 1936 he sailed with Vibeke, his future wife. At the 1952 Olympics Peder Lunde, Vibeke Lunde and her brother Børre Falkum - Hansen in the 5.5 -meter class sailed the yacht Encore. Orvar Larsen had actually bought the yacht for his son, who was still too young to be at the Olympics. On the race track in front of Helsinki, the crew was four times Second, once Fourth and Fifth once, which was enough in the final accounts for the silver medal behind the U.S. Yacht Complex II.

Peder and Vibeke's son Peder 1960 Olympic champion.