Pedro de la Rosa

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa ( born February 24, 1971 in Barcelona ) is a Spanish racing driver. He started 1999-2012 to 105 Grand Prix races in Formula 1 from 2003 to 2011, he was intermittently as test driver for McLaren under contract. 2013 he is a test driver of the Scuderia Ferrari.

Before de la Rosa drove in Formula 1, he decided several Japanese Championships for themselves: In 1995 he was Japanese Formula 3 champion in 1997, he won the championship of the Formula Nippon and the Japanese GT Championship.

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Beginnings in motorsport

De la Rosa began his motorsport career in 1988 in karting. Then he gave his Formula racing debut in 1989 in the Spanish Formula Fiat Uno and became an instant masterpiece of the series. A year later, he joined the Spanish Formula Ford and won with eight wins from ten races dominate the championship. He also played a few races of the British Formula Ford in 1991 joined the Spaniards in the Spanish Formula Renault, and scored in the championship in fourth place in the drivers' standings. In 1992, he won the championship title of European and British Formula Renault.

1993 rose de la Rosa on in the British Formula 3 Championship and became an instant sixth in the overall standings. The following year he was unable to repeat the results from the previous year and finished only 19th overall.

1995 left the Spaniard moved to Europe and Japan in the Japanese Formula 3 Championship. De la Rosa dominated the season and won eight of nine races. He also finished third at the prestigious Macau Grand Prix. In the following two years he went to both the Formula Nippon, and in the Japanese GT Championship. After he finished eighth in the Formula Nippon and the 13th place in the Japanese GT Championship in his first season, he won the 1997 in both series the championship. In Formula Nippon he finished every race on the podium.

Formula 1

In 1998, he signed a contract as a test driver of the British-Irish Formula 1 Team Jordan Grand Prix. 1999 rose de la Rosa for a regular driver on at Arrows. In his debut season, he scored the very first race his first point that should be the only in the season. At the end of the season, he finished 18th overall ahead of his teammate Toranosuke Takagi. 2000, he remained at Arrows and received with Jos Verstappen a new teammate who was usually faster than de la Rosa. He took in the season two points, finishing behind Verstappen, the twelfth, was the 16th overall.

Because he was replaced in 2001 by the support of sponsor Red Bull Brazilian Enrique Bernoldi to de la Rosa decided to work again as a test driver in order to stay in business. He signed first with Prost Grand Prix, but decided at short notice due to a lack of perspective and got a contract as reserve driver of the Jaguar, where he exchanged to Prost regular drivers Luciano Burti replaced from the fifth race. The Spaniard won three championship points and finished at the end of the season 16th overall behind his team-mate Eddie Irvine. 2002 remained de la Rosa, along with Irvine at Jaguar. While de la Rosa with the Jaguar R3 could not manage any points and finished in 21st place overall, Irvine scored a podium place and was ninth of the drivers' world championship. Since Jaguar but was under enormous pressure to perform because of persistent failure, both drivers were exchanged and de la Rosa was again because without cockpit.

De la Rosa, now already 32 years old, accepted an offer from McLaren, from 2003 as a second test driver alongside Alexander Wurz to work for the team. Nearly two years later, injured regular driver Juan Pablo Montoya and fell for two races from. De la Rosa started at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2005 for the Colombians and ended the race in fifth. In memory remained, that he thereby set the fastest lap of the race.

After Wurz McLaren had left in 2006, de la Rosa has been appointed as the new reserve driver for the racing team. There was surprisingly a new opportunity to take over the cockpit of Montoya, McLaren after the contract nor resolved with the South Americans during the current season and had his driver's optional. De la Rosa took over the space next to the Finn Kimi Raikkonen until the end of the season and had for the first time in nearly four years, a tribe cockpit in Formula 1 At the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Spaniard secured second place behind Jenson Button the biggest success so far his Formula 1 career, while his only previous podium.

At the end of the season 2006, de la Rosa made ​​serious hopes to be engaged on the side of his compatriot Fernando Alonso for the following season as a regular driver. McLaren finally gave However, the young drivers Lewis Hamilton preference. Also the end of 2007, when McLaren collaboration with Alonso finished surprisingly, de la Rosa was one of the candidates for the orphaned cockpit. Again the Spaniards, however, a youngster was brought forward in the Finn Heikki Kovalainen. He remained until the end of 2009 a test driver for McLaren.

In 2010, de la Rosa was again traded despite his age of 39 years now as a regular driver for a Formula 1 cockpit. But this time he got it and secured the second cockpit at Sauber next to the Japanese Kamui Kobayashi. In the second race he crossed the finish line first. The Spaniard was there for a long time heading for points, but was finally, after several riders had overtaken him, twelfth. For the Malaysian Grand Prix, he could not start because his race car had been already be on the way to the starting grid. At the Hungarian Grand Prix, he took his first points in seventh for Sauber. With his team-mate Kobayashi he could not keep up predominantly. After the Italian Grand Prix de la Rosa was replaced by Nick Heidfeld. At the end of the season, he finished 17th overall.

Then he took over the position of the test driver when tire manufacturer Pirelli. He remained there until early March 2011, before finally McLaren announced that de la Rosa again in the 2011 season, taking over the position of the test and reserve driver for the British team. After Sauber driver Sergio Pérez after the first free practice of the Grand Prix of Canada malaise, presumably as a result of his heavy accident in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, complained, jumped de la Rosa, a short in the second free practice session for him. He finished the race in twelfth and finished the season 20th overall.

The end of 2011 it was announced that de la Rosa has signed starting in the 2012 season, a two -year contract with HRT as a regular driver. At the season opener, the Australian Grand Prix, failed de la Rosa as well as his team-mate Narain Karthikeyan in the qualifiers and was subsequently not allowed to race. In the second race both HRT after qualifying. De la Rosa finished the season in 25th place in the drivers' standings. For the 2013 season got off HRT Formula 1, so that de la Rosa's contract was obsolete. De la Rosa then moved to Scuderia Ferrari, where he is one of several test drivers.

From 2008 to March 2010, he was the first president of the Association GPDA driver. In early 2012 he took over the position again.


De la Rosa is married to Maria and moved in 2007 from Barcelona to Zurich. He is also the father of three daughters.


Career stations

  • 2005: Formula 1 ( 20th place )
  • 2006: Formula 1 (11th )
  • 2007: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2008: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2009: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2010: Formula 1 ( 17th)
  • 2011: Formula 1 ( 20th place )
  • 2012: Formula 1 ( 25th place )
  • 2013: Formula 1 ( test driver )

Statistics in Formula 1

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