Pedro Rebolledo (composer)

Pedro Rebolledo (* April 27, 1895 in Panama City, † October 3, 1963 in David) was a Panamanian composer.

Rebolledo was a student of Rufino Alvarez Saiz and 1919, Republican member of Banda, where he worked as a solo trumpeter. In 1924 he went to Mexico, where he studied composition, harmony and counterpoint. He became a member of the Symphony Orchestra of Julián Carrillo, with whom he undertook a tour of the USA.

After completing his training, he returned to Panama, where he founded an orchestra and a choir. In 1937 he was appointed director of the Banda Nacional; He held the position until 1949. In addition, he was from 1944 to 1949 professor of composition and harmony at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música y Declamación.

When his most important works, the Sinfonia en FA and the Sinfonnía de Centenario, the Obertura the Concertino para Clarinete apply in 1903 and.

  • Composer of classical music ( 20th century)
  • Panamanian composer
  • Born in 1895
  • Died in 1963
  • Man