The peep - peep game ( watch after the verb; engl: Peek-a- boo, peekaboo also translated as Gucki - Buh, schweizerdt: guguseli. . ) Is a game for young children. In German-speaking countries it is also known as cuckoo game ( after the call of the cuckoo ).


In this game, the players, often the mother, holding hands in front of his eyes. They might squints through his fingers. Then the mother takes her hands away again and calls Buh or cuckoo. This interaction with a child can take place from the age of six months. For infants up to 18 months of age, the concept of object permanence is not yet fully formed. Objects outside their field of vision, even if it is, for example, limited only by one held before the eyes of hand, listening to a certain extent to exist. A detailed study of this can be found in a paper by JS Bruner and V. Sherwood from the year 1976.


Instead of having to cover his eyes, the caregiver may also behind a door, a cloth or a curtain to hide. After the exclamation " peep - peep " she then comes out of hiding and calls I am or something similar. If the child already knows the game longer, it will go on their own discovery and want to eliminate the obstruction. From about a year age, the child also plays then itself by hiding.