Peel Commission

The Peel Commission was a commission, which einrichteten the British during their Mandate in Palestine. She hit on July 7, 1937, when before the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state.

After the start of the Great Arab uprising began, the British Mandate government in August 1936 a commission of inquiry, chaired by Sir William Peel ( 1867-1937 ). Influence Richest member was the Oxford history professor Reginald Coupland ( 1884-1952 ). The Commission decided on 11 November 1936 in Palestine and heard over 113 witnesses of Jews and Arabs ( radical and moderate ). After the interviews, the Commission recommended a partition plan through which the " not fair conflict [ ... ] between two national communities within the narrow confines of a small country " could be solved ( Peel Report, p 370). Because of the widespread anti-Semitism among the Muslim population, a "national assimilation of Arabs and Jews excluded " is (p. 371). So the plan was for the first time before the partition of Palestine into a Jewish section and an Arab part. The former should be the Coastal Plain, the Jezreel Valley and a large part of Galilee comprise, while the latter with Transjordan should contain as well as a British-controlled corridor from Jerusalem to the coast to Jaffa the other areas ( Judea, Samaria and the Negev ) (Jordan today). The screen dedicated to the Arab region was much larger and in one piece, as opposed to the Jewish section, which was separated by a controlled through British territory. In order to make homogeneous as possible populations occur, a mutual population transfer was considered. (p. 389)

From the Arab side - with the exception of King Abdallah of Transjordan - this proposal was rejected, while the Jewish side was initially divided, but then reluctantly agreed. The British government dropped the partition plan later, the Woodhead Commission set up and published in accordance with the recommendations of this Commission, the MacDonald White Paper.


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