Peene Hagen is the name of a municipality in the district Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ), which was created on 1 January 2012 from the merger of the municipalities United Gievitz, Hinrichshagen and Lansen -Schönau. The community is for goods located in the town of Waren managed by the Office Lakelands (Müritz).


The municipality is located in the Mecklenburg Lake District in the wooded hilly area north of the town of Waren (Müritz) and west of the Torgelower lake. The name derives from the Ostpeene, which emerges from the Torgelower lake in the municipality.

The municipality Peene Hagen include the districts Alt Schönau, Carlsruh, Forsthof, United Gievitz, Hinrichshagen Johannshof, Small Gievitz, Lansen, Levenstorf, Minenhof, New Schönau, Schwarzenhof and Carefree.

Culture and sights

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  • Manor Alt Schönau
  • Early Gothic stone church in Alt Schönau
  • Baroque manor house in Great Gievitz from the 17th century
  • Baroque stables in Great Gievitz from the 17th century
  • Early Gothic village church United Gievitz from the 13th century
  • Neo-Gothic chapel of the family of Voss in the United Gievitz
  • Gothic village church Lansen from around 1400 of brick with a detached wooden belfry


Through the municipal area leads the disused railway goods Malchin.


  • Günther Freiherr von Hammerstein - Equord (1877-1965), German officer, last Lieutenant General in World War II
  • Max Rudeloff (1857-1929), German engineer, professor of materials testing system and director of the Royal Materialprüfungsamt Berlin
  • PD Dr. rer. nat. Eberhard Hagen, graduate meteorologist, Marine Institute Warnemünde. Retired now, born in 1944, residing here