Peg DHCP is the method described in RFC 2322, each device the correct network configuration similar to a local computer network as DHCP, however (English: pegs ) with the help of clothespins assign.

This request for comment was published on 1 April 1998 by the Internet Engineering Task Force and was an April Fool's joke. The method described was actually implemented in practice.


On the occasion of the event Hacking In Progress in 1997 was looking for a robust solution to avoid identical IP addresses of multiple participants. DHCP via a server on Unix was rejected because unexpected problems in a solution with software were considered probable.


Each to addresses in the IP address is written on a clothespin, which is available for collection. For the entire network for valid parameters such as the subnet mask and the IP address of the router to be written on paper and posted or distributed as a copy. Each parameter is set to each device separately and then attached the clothespin on each network cable.

For Provision of IP addresses clotheslines are provided, and for the award of subnets hangers. The specification also includes how the clothespins and papers are attached to carrier pigeons to use the method as Internet Protocol over Avian Carriers.


Already at the event, which was responsible for the process, it did not guarantee the security of the network. One participant was assigned the IP address of the router to his computer and blocked thereby gaining access to the Internet. This can be done by a simple mix-up, but can be used with the appropriate equipment for a man-in -the -middle attack.

When well-meaning application confusion and typos when setting each computer must be avoided as well as spelling errors in the labeling of the clothespins.


The method was also used in the following conferences of Hacking in Progress. At the Chaos Communication Camp and Chaos Communication Congress, it is offered on a regular basis in addition to regular DHCP, since it is felt by many visitors as a kind of tradition.

Was also at other events and technology conferences, such as the System Administration and Network Engineering ( SANE ) Conference, LinuxDays or LinuxTag or Peg DHCP is used.