Pekude (Hebrew פקודי, " Counts " ) refers to a reading portion ( Parasha or Sidra called ) of the Torah, and includes the text of Exodus / Shemot 38.21 to 40.38.

It is the Sidra of one Sabbath in the month of Adar Sheni, or if (as usually) connected with Wajakhel, the 4th or 5th Sabbath in the month of Adar.


  • Amount of donations of gold, silver and copper received and their use
  • Preparation of the priestly vestments
  • Erection of the Tabernacle on the 1st of the 1st month of the second year after the Exodus from Egypt
  • Arrangement of equipment
  • Envelopment of the tent in a cloud whose ascent is considered as a command to the camp is


The corresponding Haftorah is by Ashkenazic rite 1 Kings 7.51 to 8, 21, after sefardischem rite from 8.40 to 50.