Penafiel, Portugal

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Penafiel is a city in the Portuguese region of Norte. It is the seat of the Titularbistums Penafiel.


Numerous findings indicate a prehistoric settlement, including the menhir of Luzim, the dolmen of Portela, and the Anta Santa Marta. Among the excavations from Roman times, particular mention to a statue of the god of war, Mars. The place was called away Anégia or variants to the 12th century when the area was first performed as Terra de Penafiel in a donation to the monastery Mosteiro de Paço de Sousa. The local church led to the names in São Martinho de Moázeres, and later Arrifana do Sousa, until the reign of King D. José I in the 18th century. Thanks to the location of the place at important communication lines over roads and rivers of the market Feira de São Martinho has been annually held that inspired the local and regional economy.

A first conferred in the 11th century first city charter was renewed in 1519 by King D. Manuel I.. Under King João V, the place was 1714 as Arrifana de Sousa to the small town ( Vila ), and raised under King D. José I in 1770 to the city ( Cidade ), now renamed in Penafiel. In the same year Pope Clement XIV created the diocese of Penafiel, by splitting off from the diocese of Porto.

Coat of arms

Description: In a blue black reinforced golden eagle with raised wings under each of which a silver sword upright with him. On the chest of a red paws cross is topped with a silver common grass.

About the shield a silver mural crown five towers. In the white band on the place name sign foot in black capital letters " Cidade DE PENAFIEL ".


The circle

Penafiel is the seat of the homonymous district ( concelho ) in the district of Porto. June 30, 2011 had the circle 72 258 inhabitants in an area of 212.2 km ².

The neighboring districts are (clockwise, starting in the north ): Lousada, Amarante, Marco de Canaveses, Castelo de Paiva, Gondomar and Paredes.

The following municipalities ( Freguesias ) lying in circle Penafiel:

  • Abragão
  • Boelhe
  • Bustelo
  • Cabeça Santa
  • Capela
  • Castelões
  • Croca
  • Duas Igrejas
  • Eja
  • Figueira
  • Fonte Arcada
  • Galegos
  • Guilhufe
  • Irivo
  • Lagares
  • Luzim
  • Marecos
  • Milhundos
  • Novelas
  • Oldrões
  • Paço de Sousa
  • Penafiel
  • Perozelo
  • Pinheiro
  • Portela
  • Rans
  • Rio de Moinhos
  • Rio Mau
  • Santa Marta
  • Santiago de Subarrifana
  • São Mamede de Recezinhos
  • São Martinho de Recezinhos
  • São Miguel de Paredes
  • Sebolido
  • Urrô
  • Valpedre
  • Vila Cova


Local holiday


  • Spain Peñafiel, Spain (since 1985)
  • Entroncamento Portugal, Portugal ( since 1991)
  • France Sainte -Geneviève -des- Bois, France ( since 1999)
  • Uruguay Salto, Uruguay (since 2013)


The football club FC Penafiel founded in 1951, plays in the Second Portuguese League ( 2013/14 season ). It carries out its home games at the 6,500 -seat municipal stadium Estádio Municipal 25 de Abril.


The district is predominantly industrial, especially manufacturing and construction. Trade also has significance, also contributes to agriculture and especially livestock to the economy in a circle at. The economically most developed places in the district are Penafiel, Paço de Sousa and Rio de Moinhos.


Penafiel is on the railway line Linha do Douro. Its historic train station is currently been upgraded to new equipment.

The city is with its own junction with the A4 motorway linked (also European Route 82) on the road network of the country. The N15 national road through the village and connects it with Paredes in the west and Amarante in the east.

Penafiel is part of the nationwide long-distance bus network of speech Expressos.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Vitorino de Carvalho Guimarães (1876-1957), politician and Prime Minister of the First Republic
  • Joaquim Oliveira ( b. 1947 ), media tycoon
  • Gustavo Pinto Cerqueira ( born 1957 ), former football goalkeeper
  • Fernanda Ribeiro ( b. 1969 ), long-distance runner and Olympic gold medalist
  • Abel Fernando Moreira Ferreira (born 1978 ), football player
  • Nuno Morais ( born 1984 ), football player
  • Nuno André Coelho ( born 1986 ), football player