Peng Zhaoqin

Peng Zhaoqin (Ch彭肇勤, Peng Zhaoqin, born May 8, 1968 in Guangzhou ) is a Sino- Dutch chess player.

Peng Zhaoqin learned to play chess at age 12 and played eight years later for the first time at a Chess Olympiad for the Chinese women's team (1988 in Thessaloniki ). There Peng scored 10.5 points from 14 games and thereby won a single gold medal for best performance on the third board. Until 1994, she played the following three Olympics for China, where she won bronze medals with the team. 1996 Peng moved to the Netherlands and has stayed there ever since the strongest female chess player. You could win the Dutch Single Women's Championship three times, the first victory she succeeded in 1997, 2000-2011 Peng won twelve times in a row. For the Netherlands it plays since 1998 on the first board of the national team and played until 2008, all six chess Olympiads.

Peng Zhaoqin participated in 2000 and 2001 to the knock-out World Chess Championship FIDE. In the first year they failed in the quarterfinals at the Russian Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, a year later, also in the round of eight, at the Georgian and World Champion 1978-1991 Maia Tschiburdanidse.

Peng bears since 2004 - as eleven women at all - the Grandmaster title of the men, and since 1992 the women. This she won at the European Women in Dresden, as she scored as Alexandra Kosteniuk 9.5 points from 12 games ( Elo performance: 2626 ). The European Champion title went to a tie-break over two games to the Russian ( 1.5:0.5 ).

In Germany it plays in the chess Bundesliga for the SK Tower Emsdetten. With the Elberfeld SG they had won in the seasons 1996/97 and 1997/ 98, the German women's team championship.

Your Elo rating is 2378 (as of November 2013 ) so that it is ranked 83 of the women's world rankings. The previous highest Elo rating they had in April 2002 with 2472 points.


Peng Zhaoqin lives in Rotterdam, she is married to a Dutchman and has a son.