Penkow is a municipality in the western part of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Malchow, located in the eponymous city.


The community Penkow is surrounded by the Mecklenburg Lake District. The up to 100 m above sea level. NN -lying forests and lakes rich area around Penkow located in the immediate catchment area of ​​the four "big lakes " (Müritz, Kölpinsee, Fleesensee and Plau ), which are connected in a large arc through the Müritz- Elde waterway. The nearest towns are Malchow ( three kilometers ), Robel / Müritz ( 14 km) and Waren (Müritz ) ( 18 km). The community is dominated by agriculture, some industrial companies and increasingly by tourism ( stables ).

The municipality belongs to the district Penkow Kisserow.


Was first documented Penkow already 1309. Penk The prefix - can on the one hand from the sacred number five ( Indo-European ), on the other hand from the old Slavic custom of Panken / Penken ( from the future read with runes carved nut shells ), are derived.

In the former manor house Penkower now a restaurant business is housed.

Transport links

Penkow is located on the main road 192 between Malchow and Waren (Müritz ), other roads leading into the surrounding communities Göhren -Lebbin and Walow. The highway interchange goods to the federal motorway 19 (Berlin - Rostock) is about seven kilometers from Penkow. The nearest train station is in the nearby town of Malchow ( railway line from Waren (Müritz) about Lübz to Parchim ).