Penly Nuclear Power Plant


Active reactors ( gross ):

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The Penly nuclear power station is located about 15 kilometers from Dieppe on the French community Penly in the Haute-Normandie region in the département of Seine- Maritime on the English Channel, is drawn from the water for cooling. The nuclear power plant is operated by the French public company Electricité de France (EDF ), which employs about 670 people there.

The two pressurized water reactors have a net power output of 1330 megawatts ( MW) and a gross capacity of 1382 MW.

The total installed capacity is 2764 MW; thus counts the nuclear power plant to the middle of France. Every year, it feeds an average of 18 billion kilowatt hours into the public power grid; representing about 80 percent of the annual electricity consumption of Normandy.


Construction of the first reactor block was on 1 September 1982, he went on 4 May 1990. With the building of the second reactor block was started on 1 August 1984, commissioning was on 4 February 1992.

A report by the nuclear safety authority ASN October 2002 show could be the operability of a safety valve which will ensure the cooling of the reactor units at a strong earthquake can not be ensured.

In January 2009 it was confirmed by the French Government that the site Penly a third type reactor EPR with approximately 1650 MW in 2012 to go into construction. François Hollande announced shortly after his election as French president, not wanting to block the construction of an EPR in Penly. According to an interview with the French industry minister Arnaud Montebourg in February 2013, the EPR in Penly is superfluous as enough capacity was available due to the expansion of renewable energies. Similar to 2012, Minister of the Environment Delphine Batho had already commented in July.


On April 5, 2012 broke out in Unit 2 of the nuclear power plant from a fire, after which the block was shut down. Reason for the two deleted by the fire department of fire was leaking oil a pump in the cooling circuit. There were no injuries and after release of the operating company EDF has no impact on the environment.

It was later revealed that it was also killed in the accident to a significant leak in the primary coolant circuit. About 2.3 cubic meters of radioactively contaminated water per hour are leaked. To ensure the cooling of the reactor core, additional cooling water was pumped in the cooling circuit. Towards evening the water loss at 100 liters per hour could be reduced. The contaminated water was collected in the reactor building according to the operator. In the early morning of April 6, 2012, the leak was closed and the discharge of contaminated water to be stopped.

The incident was classified on the International Nuclear Event Scale rating for the time being at level 1 (of 7).

Data of the reactor units

The Penly nuclear power station has a total of two blocks: