Pennant's colobus

The Pennant 's red colobus ( Piliocolobus pennantii ) is a primate of the group of colobus monkeys. There are two or three sub-species, the systematics within the genus of red colobus is controversial.


Pennant Colobus reach a body length 53-63 centimeters, the tail is 60 to 70 centimeters, as with all colobus relatively long. The weight varies 7-11 kg, males being heavier than females. As with all Colobus body is slender built and reduced the thumb. The coat color is variable, generally the top of the head reddish- black, the back, the feet and the tail is dark brown, the belly, the front limbs and the hind legs are gray.

Distribution and habitat

These primates are located in the central Africa, the two to three subspecies each live in separate regions: The nominate P. p. pennantii is endemic to the Equatorial Guinea's Bioko Island, the Bouvier 's red colobus ( Piliocolobus pennantii bouveri ) lives in the Republic of Congo in the region of Sangha and Likouala and the Niger Delta red colobus ( P. p. epieni ) comes in the Niger Delta in Nigeria before. Habitat of this type forests, mainly rain forests. The last two sub- species are often viewed in more recent publications as an independent species.

Way of life

Little is known about the life of the Pennant - colobus monkeys, probably agrees with that of the other red colobus match. Consequently, these animals are diurnal and arboreal, they live in large groups, which are composed of many males and females and the corresponding young animals. The diet consists of leaves, fruits and shoots and other plant material, like all colobus monkeys, they have a multi-chambered stomach.


The Pennant 's red colobus is one of the endangered species. The reasons for this lie in the progressive destruction of the habitat, associated with the hunting for their meat and fur. The IUCN lists the species as endangered ( endangered ). Of particular concern is the situation of the subspecies P. p. bouveri is listed in the Republic of Congo, which is already extinct possibly by the IUCN but as " threatened with extinction " ( critically endangered ).


The systematics within the genus of red colobus is controversial. The Preuss 's red colobus is sometimes listed as a fourth subspecies. Earlier still living in the central and eastern Africa Central African types, Udzungwa, Zanzibar, Tana and Thollon Colobus were partly combined with the Pennant colobus monkeys.