Pentacon Six mount

The P6 has been bayonet ( bayonet also K6 ) is a lens mount, the early 1950s by the company VEB camera works Niedersedlitz for medium format camera developed " Praktisix ". This is not an official designation, but a common name in the user community. The flange focal distance of 74.1 mm.

The bayonet is a so-called plug or clamp mount. Only the lenses are in a fixed position, is inserted into the camera -side part of the bayonet, which consists of a clamping ring. The position is defined by a notch in the camera -side connector and a mating plug on the lens - side end of the bayonet. The lens is held in place by a slight rotation of the clamping ring. In this type of connection, therefore, the lens is not rotated.

The cameras that use the P6 connector are

  • Praktisix,
  • Pentacon Six ( TL)
  • Exakta 66
  • Kiev 6C,
  • Kiev 60,
  • Kiev 88CM
  • Kiev 90 and
  • Hard lead and Araxfoto models.

Both the Exakta 66 Kiev as the only built in very small numbers 90 have expanded, however, downward compatible P6 mount that allows an electrical transmission of aperture information.

Lenses were or were / are offered by Pentacon, Carl Zeiss Jena, Meyer -Optik, Schneider- Kreuznach, Kiev and other companies.

The Dresden miniature cameras of the brands Praktina, Pentina, Altix and Exakta usually also have bayonet connectors, which are, however, if only because of the smaller flange focal distance and the smaller image circle is not directly compatible. However adapter from P6 to many common lens mounts are offered.