The term Pentapartito ( German: fiver party ) is for the government coalition in Italy 1980-1992 It consisted of the five parties the Christian Democrats (DC), Partito Socialista Italiano ( PSI), Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano ( PSDI ), Partito Repubblicano Italiano (. PRI) and Partito Liberal Italiano ( PLI).

The coalition formed the government in the controversial period of the First Republic of Italy, which fell to the corruption scandal, which the judicial inquiry Mani pulite pulled the prosecutor of Milan to be. It was virtually all the presidents of the Pentapartito involved: Giulio Andreotti, Arnaldo Forlani, Ciriaco De Mita and Paolo Cirino Pomicino from the DC, Bettino Craxi from the PSI, Renato Altissimo and Francesco De Lorenzo from the PLI, Giorgio La Malfa from the PRI and many further.

This period of history of Italian democracy is commonly referred to as Tangentopoli, which ended with the dissolution of the first government of Giuliano Amato. As a result, the chairman of the Banca d' Italia Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro was commissioned to form a government. Main concern of the government should be the fight against the serious economic crisis and the reform of the electoral law. After the introduction of majority voting system for the House of Representatives and for the Senate in 1994 new elections were held in Italy. With this now in the Italian People's Party (PPI ) renamed Christian Democrats crashed heavily. The other four parties disappeared entirely in the political insignificance, the PLI had even resolved before the election. Thus ended the system of so-called First Republic. Instead, new parties such as Forza Italia, which attracted many politicians of the former Pentapartito formed.

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