Pentax K-r

The Pentax Kr is a digital SLR camera of the brand Pentax with 12 - megapixel sensor. She came in October 2010 on the market.


The Kr is a very compact DSLR with plastic housing, which is technically classify the Pentax Kx. It is lighter than other digital Pentax SLRs, but does not have a splash guard, like him, for example, K10D, K20D, K200D, K -7 and K-5 have, and is usually sold with a lightweight kit lens (DA -L).

RAW formats

The camera can record in two different RAW formats, on the one hand the manufacturer's own PEF format, on the other hand the open standard format, Adobe Digital Negative (DNG ). Furthermore, each image can be stored simultaneously in RAW and in JPEG format.