Pentax K-x

The Pentax Kx is a digital SLR camera of the brand Pentax with 12 - megapixel sensor. She came in September 2009 on the market.


The Kx is a very compact DSLR with plastic housing. It is lighter than other digital Pentax SLRs, but does not have a splash guard, like him, for example, K10D, K20D, K200D, K -7 and K-5 have, and is usually sold with a lightweight kit lens (DA -L). Compared with the upgraded, almost concurrently released K-7, it has improvements in the maximum sensitivity and the noise, as well as a faster shutter speed (up to 1/6000 s ). The Kx is - especially in Japan - offered in addition to the traditional black and in a wide range of different colors of the camera body. In October 2010 came, among others, with a larger and higher resolution display -equipped successor to Kr on the market.

Unlike competitive models, the Kx is powered by 4 standard AA batteries of format. With a set of rechargeable Eneloop batteries Sanyo - depending on frequency of use of the flash - between 500 and 1000 pictures are taken. As an accessory, a power supply with battery adapter is available.

Other Features

  • Live View with contrast autofocus
  • HD 720p video at 24 fps
  • Opto - magnetic image stabilization in the camera body. This allows image stabilization with any lens. Foreign lenses or older Pentax lenses that do not transmit its focal length to the camera can be adjusted manually in the camera menu. The built-in image stabilizer is not in the settings self-timer, remote control setting, Long Exposure and HDR images.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • The autofocus supports both lenses with integrated AF motor and conventional rods AF.
  • Optional infrared remote control
  • Control of Pentax flash units via the built-in flash

High Dynamic Range ( HDR)

In HDR mode the camera shoots three images with different exposure settings, which are then combined into a single JPEG image. Since each of the 3 frames it in terms of the camera position must be identical to the other two, is for HDR images absolutely a tripod is recommended.

RAW formats

The camera can record in two different RAW formats, on the one hand the manufacturer's own PEF format, on the other hand the open standard format, Adobe Digital Negative (DNG ). Furthermore, each image can be stored simultaneously in RAW and in JPEG format. Copyright information and the name of the photographer can be embedded by the camera directly into the EXIF data of the images. This also applies to the JPEG. The included Camera Utility 4 for Windows and Mac OS X is both file browser and RAW developer and is based on a version of Silkypix Developer Studio.

Video function

The camera is an HD video capable. The camera uses the (similar to the DV codec working ) royalty-free MJPEG codec for video recording, although it produces relatively large video files, but compressed less than, for example AVCHD. The advantage of this is that each frame is an actual full screen, while AVCHD stores only the changes in a series of pictures (GOP ). This also has a positive effect on the performance of the cutting system from as MJPEG less processing power demands as AVCHD, which is a faster and easier work and cutting the video allows, whereas AVCHD videos are transcoded for in a simpler interface, only in a less compressed Intermediate Format need.

Videos can either be in HD (1280 × 720 p) or SD ( 640 × 416) are recorded, each with 24 frames per second. They are saved as AVI files. The tone of the video is uncompressed PCM wave with a sampling frequency of 32 kHz and a word length of 16 bits mono. A connector jack for external microphones missing. Videos can also be recorded silently. Whether a video with or without sound to be recorded, must be set in advance. The recording time is limited to 25 minutes and the maximum file size of four gigabytes, since this is the maximum file size for FAT32 ( the file format used for memory cards). In the best recording quality (HD fine ) with sound accounting for about twelve minutes. Is the maximum file size of a video is reached, the recording will stop automatically and stored. A follow-up scan to be started manually.


The firmware update for the Pentax Kx have solved the following problems:

  • Compatibility with SDXC memory cards ( since FW 1.02).
  • The " cross process " effect was in video mode longer available for selection color combinations (since FW 1.01).
  • The ability to assign the " Cross Processing " effect of the green button has been added.
  • Improved accuracy of Battery Level Indicator under specific conditions and improved stability and performance.


Pentax K -x in red and white

Olive housing with pancake lens

Black housing with DA 4/12-24mm