Pentax K2000

The Pentax Km is a digital SLR camera of the brand Pentax with 10 - megapixel sensor. She came in November 2008 on the market.


The Km has a very compact, lightweight plastic housing. It was almost exclusively sold in a set with one or two lenses, the Lightweight Series DA -L. In the U.S., ie the identical variant K2000.

The Km is powered by four standard rechargeable batteries or non-rechargeable batteries of the AA format, which simplifies the power supply. The type of battery used can be set via the menu, so pretty reliable information on the remaining life of the current memory are displayed.

Other Features

  • Opto - magnetic image stabilizer. The recording chip is built into the brandishing Gebäuse, preventing camera shake. When the camera is operated on a tripod, this feature must be turned off. The advantage: This type of image stabilization is independent of the lens used.
  • Preparation for infrared remote control
  • Control of Pentax flash units via the built-in flash

Possibility of imaging in PEF or DNG RAW data format.

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