Pentax MX

The Asahi Pentax MX 1976 came on the market and was built until 1985. She was at the time of its appearance one of the smallest 35mm SLR cameras with TTL metering in their class. The MX is one of the fully mechanical cameras whose batteries are only needed for the exposure meter. The camera uses the K bayonet. The camera has been designed for professional use and in accordance integrated into a comprehensive accessory system.


Camera drives

  • Engine Drive: The engine offered Drive MX is extremely small and compact and reached 5 frames / second. The frame rate is infinitely adjustable in the range of 0.5 frames / second to 5 frames / second. The Motor Drive provides no motor rewinding. For the Motor Drive there are the following power sources: NiCd Pack M, NiCd Pack LX, battery grip M, Power Supply.
  • Winder: The offered Winder MX allows single shots and burst shooting mode with 2 frames / second. The Winder MX will only fit to the MX and can not be used on other cameras in the M series.

Camera backs

The standard rear wall of M can be replaced by the following backs:

  • Watch- Data -MX: a back wall with time or memo field
  • Dial Data MX: a data back for imprinting date and number values
  • Long movie Magazine: 10 m footage for up to 250 shots.

Matt discs

8 interchangeable types of focusing screens, the ground glass screen to the version with split image / microprism collar. Basically, the lighter Pentax LX Focusing Screens are also useful. But then no longer correct measured by the light meter exposure and must be corrected. The focusing screens are changed by the lens mount (as with the Pentax LX).

Remote tripping Accessories

For the control of the MX from a distance, there are a number of accessories: Several remote cords that are triggered by switches, battery grip M, NiCd, Pack M, NiCd pack or the Pentax LX power supply. Infrared remote control that can trigger up to three cameras from up to 60 meters away.