People's Republic of the Congo

The People's Republic of the Congo ( République Populaire du Congo French ) was a self-declared socialist state ( " communist state " ), which was founded in 1969 as the successor of the Republic of Congo. The country was the first officially socialist state real Africa.

Led by the Congolese Labour Party ( Parti du Travail Congolais French, abbreviation PCT), it gave the government until 1991, when the country was again renamed Republic of the Congo and the government under the PCT early amid the wave of Congolese- Republican multi-party reforms was eliminated early 1990.


The People's Republic of Congo was proclaimed on 31 December 1969 after a successful coup on September 4, 1968 in Brazzaville. Was triggered by the coup organized militant leftists who overthrew the pro-European government. Marien Ngouabi was installed on 31 December 1968 as head of state and turned the country within two years after the coup into a socialist state. After the abolition of the Congolese National Assembly Ngouabi founded a Marxist- Leninist party (known as the Congolese Labour Party (PCT ) ). This party was the only legal party of the new state. Ngouabi was murdered in 1977.

Like other (real) socialist states in Africa also, the People's Republic of the Congo maintained close relations with the Soviet Union and was part of the Eastern Bloc. This bond remained strong even after the assassination of Ngouabi in 1977. But the government under the PCT had continued good relations with France.

In the middle of 1991, on June 10, removed the Sovereign National Conference, the word populaire ( "people " - ) from the country's official name, but also replaced the flag and the anthem, which had introduced the Government of the PCT in 1970 in the country. The Sovereign National Conference finished the PCT government and appointed a transitional Prime Minister, Andre Milongo, which was vested with the powers of the executive. The last president Denis Sassou Nguesso was allowed to stay in office.


The People's Republic of Congo had 2,153,685 inhabitants in 1988. There were 15 different ethnic groups, although most of the Congo, Sangha, M'Bochi or Teke. 8,500 Europeans, mostly of French descent from the colonial era in French Equatorial Africa, lived in the People's Republic of Congo. French was the official language, but other languages ​​were recognized official status, including Kikongo and Lingala. The majority of the population was concentrated in urban areas such as Brazzaville. The literacy was 80 %, which represents a unique success of the communist government within Africa; However, the infant mortality rate was high.

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