Per Jacobsson

Per Jacobsson ( born February 5, 1894 with Tanum; † May 5, 1963 in London) was a Swedish manager. He was on 21 November 1956 until his death Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

Per Jacobsson studied law and economics at Uppsala University and then worked as a lecturer in economics at the University of Forestry in Stockholm. Between 1920 and 1928 he was a delegate of Sweden to the Economic and Financial Department of the League of Nations Secretariat in Geneva. Following Jacobsson was 1929-1931 Member of the Swedish Economic Defense Council. He was also briefly worked for Kreuger and Troll in Stockholm.

In 1931 Per Jacobsson was Head of the Monetary and Economic Department of the newly established Bank for International Settlements. He also was a member of the Irish Banking Commission, whose report led to the establishment of the Central Bank of Ireland. In 1952 he was instrumental in building the Basel Centre for Economic and Financial Analysis.

Per Jacobsson was appointed on 21 November 1956 to the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and was until his death on May 5, 1963 in this function operates.

With the support of the family of the Per Jacobsson Per Jacobsson Foundation was founded in 1963. Your goal is to promote discussion on international monetary problems as well as basic research in this subject area.