Percy Walker

Percy Walker ( * in December 1812 in Huntsville, Mississippi Territory, United States, † December 31, 1880 in Mobile, Alabama) was an American physician and politician.


Percy Walker, son of John Williams Walker and Matilda Pope was, Alabama born in December 1812 in Huntsville, Madison County today. After preliminary studies, he graduated in 1835 at the medical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Then he opened a medical practice in Mobile, Alabama.

Walker participated in 1836 in the campaign against the Creek, at which they were forcibly displaced to the Indian Territory west of the Mississippi. After that, he reoriented himself and studied law. After he had made his Bachelor of Laws, he received a license to practice law in Alabama and practiced as such in Mobile. Over time he became attorney of the sixth judicial district. In addition, he was a member of the House of Representatives from Alabama in 1839, 1847 and 1853. Moreover, he was elected as a candidate of the American Party in the forty-third Congress of the United States. Here he exercised his office between 4 March 1855 to 3 March 1857. In the elections of 1856 he did not run.

Walker Percy died on 31 December 1880 in Mobile, Alabama. He was buried at the Magnolia Cemetery.


Percy's grandfather was LeRoy Pope, founder of Huntsville, Alabama. His father, John Williams Walker, a former U.S. Senator from Alabama. Furthermore, Percy had two brothers, Richard Wilde Walker and LeRoy Pope Walker. His brother Richard Wilde was a delegate in the provisional Konföderiertenkongress and Senator of the Confederate States, with his brother LeRoy Pope was the first Secretary of War of the Confederate States of America. Furthermore, Percy had a nephew, Richard Wilde Walker, Jr. He was a judge in Alabama Supreme Court, and later the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Percy is also the great-uncle of Richard Walker Bolling, a U.S. Representative for the state of Missouri.