Perennial plant

As a perennial or perennial, also perenne plant or Perenne (Latin perennis perenne " throughout the year continuously " ), is referred to in botany plants that are several years old, while several times, generally annually, blossom and bear fruit.

Perennial plants are also called several times flourishing, pollakanth, Polycarp or referred iteropar - in contrast to the flowering and fruiting only once in their life hapaxanthen, monocarpic or semelparen plants.

Distinction between

While in everyday language most all plants that are older than one year are referred to as two - or multi-year, these names in botany are reserved only for species that are two or more years old, but this bloom only once and bear fruit, so are hapaxanth.

Classification of perennial plants

The perennial plant distinguished between woody plants (trees, shrubs, lianas ) is with woody stems and branches of shrubs and herbaceous plants, woody stems not. Fischer ( 2005), however, only counts the perennial plants to the persevering and provides them towards the woody.

Other essential for the endurance characteristics are drought resistance and wind resistance. In middle and high latitudes (at least from a latitude of 30 ° ), the plants must also be frost resistant.

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