The Holy Perfectus (* in Córdoba, † April 18 850) was one of the Martyrs of Córdoba. His martyrdom was held sanctorum of Eulogius of Córdoba Memoriale.

He was born in Córdoba at the time of the Moors. Perfectus was a monk and ordained priest. He served in the Basilica of Acisclus in Córdoba. Christians usually tolerated at that time.

According to the legend Perfectus was asked 850 of two Muslims, which of the two prophets, Jesus or Mohammed, who is greater. He at first refused to answer, but the two promised to protect him from reprisals. He told them in Arabic, that the Prophet Mohammed was a false prophet and immoral, because he had seduced the mother of his adopted son ( Quran 33:37 ). The Muslims held their first word, but a few days later they were arrested Perfectus.

Perfectus was sentenced by an Islamic court to death for blasphemy and beheaded on 18 April 850. In his last words he should have condemned Jesus praised and Mohammed and his Koran.

His martyrdom was one of the first during the persecution of Christians, which began under Abd ar - Rahman II 850 and under his successor Muhammad I was continued and lasted until 960.

Being a Catholic feast day is April 18.