Perfume (Japanese band)

Perfume (Japaneseパフューム, Pafyūmu ) is a Japanese J- pop and Electropop group consisting of Kashiyuka, Nocchi, and A ~ chan. 2001 was its regional debut in her hometown of Hiroshima and 2005 in Japan. Their producer is Yasutaka Nakata, founder of the electro-pop group capsule and the conte fashion labels. In 2007 they reached with the single Polyrhythm first time the top 10 on the Oricon charts. Since then, the group always gained greater popularity. Their second album, Game, was released on 16 April 2008, reaching number 1 on the charts.

Musical Career

Nocchi ( Ayano Oomoto ) Kashiyuka ( Yuka Kashino ), and A ~ chan ( Ayaka Nishiwaki ) founded in 2001 as friends, aged 11-12 years, the group Perfume in Hiroshima. Your first two limited singles Omajinai Perori and Kareshi Boshūchū they sold exclusively in their home town. Under the indie label Bee -Hive appeared in Tokyo, the three singles Sweet Donuts, Monochrome Effect and vitamin drop. During this time there were three smaller live shows were organized.

On 21 September 2005 was published with the help of producer Yasutaka Nakata and a new record deal, the single linear motor girl for the first time in Japan. The following year, two more singles were released with the titles and Computer City Electro World. With the single Polyrhythm, which was used for a recycling campaign in 2007 they reached the seventh place on the Oricon charts with eventually over 60,000 records sold. After the performance in many television shows such as Music Station and HEY! HEY! HEY!, Found on 31 December 2007 to take her then biggest concert countdown 2008. In February 2008, their new single Baby Cruising Love / Macaroni with which they first reached the Top 3 in the singles chart was published.

As of 4 April 2008, the talk show Happy! every Friday aired on Nippon Television. The show will be hosted by Perfume along with the model Naoto Tokuzawa and comedian Sumiko Nishioka. On 16 April 2008 her second album Game was released and held # 1 on the charts for a week.




Video Publications

  • Akihabalove ( 29 August 2005)
  • Fan Service (Epsom ) ( 14 March 2007)
  • Fan Service (Epsom ) (Normal Edition) ( 13 February 2008)
  • Perfume First Tour Game (15 October 2008)
  • Budokaaaaaaaaaan! ! (March 24, 2009)
  • Perfume Second Tour ⊿ ( Triangle ) (13 January 2010)
  • Perfume 3rd Tour ' JPN ' (1 August 2012)
  • Perfume World Tour 1st (May 22, 2013)