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Ministerial (MR, MRin ) is an official designation in Germany and in Austria a official title of officials at highest authorities of the State or the Länder (ministries and audit institutions, insofar as these are the highest authority ) and the Federal Railroad Fund. Ministerialräte belong to the career of the higher service of the administration. They are classified in Germany in Grade A 16, B 2 or B 3. In Austria, civil servants perform this official title in the function group 2-4 from pay grade 14 in the function groups 5-6 from pay grade 13 and in the functional groups 7-9. Official paid by BBesO A 16 Ministerial is colloquially known as "Little Ministerial " or " Ministerial walk " as opposed to " Ministerial on Horseback" ( Bes.-Gr. B 3 ) After state law exists in the Grade B 3 and the Senior Ministerial Counsellor. In contrast to this Ministerial office but is only given to holders of certain management functions, regular deputy heads of departments of the ministries or leader of a group of several presentations in highest authorities. In the city states of Berlin and Bremen, the appropriate official title is Senatsrat (SR ). In Hamburg there Conductive government directors who are ranked accordingly. At the Foreign Office, the comparable official title is lecturer First Secretary.

For other authorities in Germany is the appropriate designation Executive Director (A 16, for example Chief with the addition of the Department of Government Director or Chief Fire Officer ) or a corresponding name from the Grade B 2 or B 3 (eg Head of Department or Director and Professor ) and in Austria corresponds to the official title Councilor. Exception is the school system, here is the title of headmaster.

Most Ministerialräte working as Head of Unit ( Head of Department in Austria ). You then have the responsibility for a particular area of ​​expertise and lead the organizational unit of a ministry below the department level / section level. Usually they conduct so that groups several persons. Supervisors are usually Ministerialdirigenten, rarely ministerial directors.

According to state law, in some states the appropriate officials who are employed by the state legislatures, assigned to the grade of Counsellor of Parliament.

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  • Civil Service Law ( Germany )
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