Perry (car)

The Perry Motor Company Ltd.. was a British manufacturer of automobiles, which was based in Tyseley (Birmingham). From 1913 to 1916 he turned Vehicles ago with the name Perry.


The company was founded in 1824 by James and Stephen Perry and presented first prepared in a workshop in London pens. Later she moved to Birmingham and moved to the manufacture of bicycles. End of the 1890s, the company ran into financial difficulties and was bought by James William Bayliss, who co-owns the Excelsior Motor Company, was also built of the Bayliss -Thomas cars.

Their first automobile, a three-wheeled vehicle, they set 1899 forth, then came a Forecar ( automobile with front arranged passenger seat) 1903. Cecil Bayliss, the owner's son built, 1911 a small car with a 800 cc engine, and from this we developed the first in series automobile built by Perry.


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The engine of the car was its own development. These were a parallel twin, a two- cylinder in-line engine in which both pistons move up and down simultaneously. Over a three-speed gearbox and a worm drive, the rear wheels were driven. Usually, the cars were built as open-top two -seater, but there was also a version with a longer wheelbase and Schwiegermuttersitz.

It originated about 800 copies.

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1914 a big car was introduced, which had a four-cylinder in-line engine with 1795 cc capacity. There bodies were available with two or four seats, which were mainly made by Mulliners in Birmingham.

1914 occurred up to the outbreak of the First World War about 300 pieces. Some other examples were produced in 1919, as the construction was sold to Bean, who built the car as a bean 11.9.