Perry Como

Pierino Ronald " Perry " Como ( born May 18, 1912 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, † 12 May 2001, Jupiter, Florida), was one of the most famous American pop singer in the mid-20th century. His completed in 1943 with the record company RCA exclusive contract lasted for about 50 years and made ​​him unique in the music industry.


Perry Como was born in Canonsburg in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. His parents were both originally from Palena, a small town in Abruzzo, Italy. After graduating from high school he opened in his hometown hair salon. In 1933 he joined the band of Freddy Carlone in Ohio for three years later he moved to Ted Weems Orchestra and had his first recordings. His first record was called You Can not Pull the Wool Over My Eyes and appeared at the company Decca.

1942 Weems dissolved his orchestra and Como moved to CBS, where he sang for a few years without much success. When he thought about giving up his career as a singer, he was engaged by two NBC producers for the show Supperclub, then followed successful theater and nightclub performances.

1945 the successful part of his career as a singer with the pop ballad Till the End of Time. Perry Como was the first singer with ten records, each of which was more than one million copies.

Como was in 1933 married to Roselle Belline; They had three children: Ronnie, David, and Terri.

He died on 12 May 2001 at his estate in Jupiter, Florida 89 six days before his birthday.


Como Christmas TV show was first aired in 1948 and for the last time in 1994 in Ireland.

His regular television show began in 1957 and was until 1987 aired initially weekly, then twice, and then once a month, taken at many places on earth in England, Rome, Austria, France and various U.S. locations.


For the record company RCA he took 1952-1987 on numerous songs and won a number of gold records.


Perry Como came in 1973 with Julie Andrews in the ABC TV movie Julie on Sesame Street.