Perry McCarthy

Perry McCarthy ( born March 3, 1961 in London, United Kingdom) is a British former racing driver, who was active in Formula 1 in 1991 and 1992.

In 1991, McCarthy test driver Footwork Grand Prix International.

For the 1992 season, he was reported to the team Andrea Moda Formula, but failed to qualify for a race and was largely crushed in the period between the rules of Formula 1. The team began with Alex Caffi and Enrico Bertaggia the season, the team looked even before the first race, first because of a controversial decision to date on the assessment as a new team ( one itself as the successor of Coloni, from which one the cars had taken over ) were excluded. After the restart, with once developed by Simtek for BMW cars Roberto Moreno and Perry McCarthy were just committed.

While Moreno was indeed often slowed down by the technology, the starting McCarthy was denied due to a lack of racing license in the first race first. A new driver change at that time was no longer possible ( a team was allowed only two driver changes per season to do so), so had to McCarthy, but then got a racing license later, stay in the team. The car McCarthy served in the season rather than replacement car for Moreno as for himself, so that he never got an opportunity to compete seriously only in the pre-qualification. However, the success of Moreno were limited: Only one time in Monte Carlo he could qualify for a race, then after eleven rounds precipitate lying in last place.

The team Andrea Moda was finally excluded for the Belgian Grand Prix due to an arrest of the team leaders of the Formula 1 World Championship, which also Perry McCarthy's Formula 1 career ended. In the following years he appeared several times at Le Mans.

From 2002 to 2003, the racing driver Perry McCarthy slipped into the role of the Black Stig of the television series Top Gear.

Le Mans results

  • Briton
  • Born in 1961
  • Man
  • Drivers in the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Racer ( UK )