• ÖVP: 6
  • SPÖ: 2
  • FPÖ: 1

Pertlstein is a municipality with 797 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the south- east of Styria in the district of Southeastern Styria.

  • 2.1 municipal
  • 2.2 Coat of Arms


Geographical Location

Pertlstein is located about 43 km east of Graz and about 7 km east of the district capital field creek in East Styrian Hill Country.

Neighboring communities

  • In the North: Lödersdorf and Johnsdorf -Brunn
  • In the East: Fehring
  • In the South: Kapfenstein
  • In the West: Gossendorf and head im Raabtal

Population Development


Parish council

The council consists of nine members and is since the municipal elections on March 21, 2010, mandates the following parties together:

  • 6 ÖVP - provides the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor
  • Two SPÖ - represents the church treasurer
  • 2 FPÖ

Coat of arms

The award of the municipality coat of arms was made with effect from 1 September 1981. Coat Description: In black cutout of a two-story golden arches transition from one whole and one each side half arc growing.

Culture and sights