Peru–Chile Trench

(Also called the Chile trench ) The Atacama trench is one to 8,065 meters deep and 2,500 km long deepwater channel in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean ( Pacific).


The Atacama trench is located between the South American coast to the north and east, the Ostausläufer Easter threshold in the south, the Chile basin in the west and the Nascaschwelle in the northwest. It is located about 160 kilometers off the Peruvian- Chilean coast and about 16 to 30 degrees south latitude and 72 and 76 ° west longitude.

The elongated Atacama trench, which is caused by the subduction of the Nazca plate under the South American plate (or still occurs ) is more than 50 kilometers wide. The trench finds its northern continuation in the Peru trench, which starts behind the Northeast foothills of Nascaschwelle.

-23- 71Koordinaten: 23 ° 0 ' 0 " S, 71 ° 0' 0 " W

Sea ​​lows

Among the marine lows in the Atacama trench include:

  • Spencer F. Byrd - depth ( 8,065 m), northwest of the Chilean Antofagasta
  • Richard depth ( 7,635 m)
  • Bartholomewtief ( 7,154 m)
  • Meerestief ( 6,867 m), west of the Chilean Punta Morro
  • Meerestief ( 6,866 m), west of the Peruvian Punta Coles